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About Manic Depression

More info…by Owen Jones Manic Depression or Bipolar Disorder is considered one of the most severe types of depression that people usually suffer from. Characterized by sudden and extreme mood swings. Manic depression is called that because manic refers to mania, which refers to the… Continue reading

Bipolar in Loved Ones Now Easier to Help Manage

More info… Bipolar Disorder bipolar disorder

What Is Bipolar II Disorder?

More info…by Sheila Wilson Bipolar II is one of the three types of bipolar disorder, formally known as manic depression. Bipolar II disorder is characterized by episodes of depression and hypomania. Hypomania is a mild form of manic episodes. Hypomania can cause euphoria or irritability,… Continue reading

Try To Know The Eight Faces Of Depressive Disorder Symptoms

More info…In: Health & Fitness 17Jul2009 by Ken P DoyleListed into at least eight groups, this depressive episodes is therefore important that victims of bipolar, parents, friends and co-workers know how to recognize its symptoms. Educate yourself so you can offer help or seek it… Continue reading

CNN, CBC and the Amanda Baggs Controversy Site

More info…At least two major and very influential media institutions, CNN in the US, and CBC in Canada, have featured Amanda Baggs as a person with an autism spectrum disorder and presented her views on the nature of autism. Some of her views were also… Continue reading