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Bipolar Treatments Available For Bipolar Manic Depression

More info…The use of medications, or pharmacological intervention, is often the first step in treating bipolar disorders. The majority of such medicines are designed to treat either bipolar depression or bipolar mania. Below we have provided some examples and categories related to the treatment of… Continue reading

Bipolar in Loved Ones Now Easier to Help Manage

More info… Bipolar Disorder bipolar disorder symptoms

Bipolar Advantage Announces New Program ‘Providing Solutions to the Bipolar Economy’

More info… Bipolar Disorder bipolar disorder

What Is The Difference Between Bipolar Depression And Other Depressions

More info…Known to be with us since man started recording history, this depressive disorder has been read in the Old Testament like Job and King David, suffered from this mental illness. The Greek physician Hippocrates called depression, melancholia (a black bile). It is a clinical… Continue reading

The Other Depression Besides Bipolar Manic Depression

More info…Manic-depression” was the term first introduced by a German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin in 1856 who was educated in Wrzburg. This severe mental disorder was formerly called manic-depressive disorder or manic-depression. It usually involves bipolar manic episodes that go with episodes of depression, symptoms of… Continue reading