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Psych Central Teams Up with the Authors of Bipolar Disorder For Dummies to Roll Out New Bipolar Blog – Bipolar Beat

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Treating Manic Depressive Disorder: A Joint Venture

More info…The collection of related illnesses known as manic depressive disorder (or manic depression or bipolar disorder) is characterized predominantly by swings between highly elevated moods (known as mania) and severely depressed moods. But because the permutations of the disorder can vary (rapid cycling between… Continue reading

Bipolar in Loved Ones Now Easier to Cope With and Help Effectively Manage

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New Book Challenges Current Thinking on Depression and Finds Advantages in the Condition

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The Making of Glenn Beck

More info…His roots, from the alleged suicide of his mom to Top 40 radio to the birth of the morning zoo. By Alexander Zaitchik Sep. 21, 2009 Early one morning in May 1979, a 41-year-old divorcee named Mary Beck went boating in Washington’s Puget… Continue reading