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Living — well — with bipolar disorder (Vancouver Sun)

More info…There is no handbook for living well with bipolar disorder, but a project funded by the B.C. Medical Services Foundation may change that. Bipolar Disorder bipolar mental disorder

Psychiatric Disorder

“Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.”- Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Akmal Shaikh: what is bipolar disorder? (Daily Telegraph)

More info…Bipolar disorder, from which Akmal Shaikh is believed to have suffered, was formerly known as manic depression and involves extreme mood swings from deep depression to overactive “mania”. Bipolar Disorder bipolar mental disorder

Prescription Drug Addictions

An example of a person who gets addicted to drugs seen in the corner of the streets. These drug addicts are for all time looking cautiously around, doing anxiety-related behaviors, yet very discrete with these behaviors. These individuals are most of the time being avoided… Continue reading

College counseling centers seeing many more students with complex mental-health diseases (Honolulu Advertiser)

More info…Stress from the economic downturn, trouble coping with the transition to college, and general depression and anxiety appear to be hitting college students at rates never seen before on campuses across the country. Bipolar Disorder bipolar disorders