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New Book Challenges What We Believe About Mental Conditions

More info…By shattering the notions about the end goals of treatment, Bipolar In Order goes beyond the hope and encouragement found in his previous books, Bipolar Advantage and Depression Advantage. It helps people with mental conditions shift their thinking and behavior so that they can… Continue reading

Bipolar in Loved Ones Now Easier to Help Manage

More info… Bipolar Disorder bipolar mental disorder

Groundbreaking DVD Will Help Parents of Children with Pediatric Bipolar Disorder

More info… Bipolar Disorder bipolar disorders

Joan Denny, Center Stage volunteer and bipolar awareness advocate, dies (Baltimore Sun)

More info…Her willingness to talk about bipolar disorder that she had most of her life helped advance understanding of the ailment Joan W. Denny, who had bipolar disorder for most of her life and was a longtime participant in Johns Hopkins University Mood Disorders Center-Symposium,… Continue reading

Budget Funds New Mental Health Gene Research (

More info…Additional budget funding of $3 million per year* (including GST) for the Health Research Council has enabled 12 new projects to be funded, two of which will search for the genes involved in depression and bipolar disorder. Bipolar Disorder bipolar disorder