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Bipolar Chat

More info…Bipolar Chat – Bipolar and Depression Support. Bipolar Disorder bipolar disorder symptoms

Living Bipolar: A brilliant madness (slide show)

More info…Out of all the mental illnesses, bipolar disorder or manic-depression,always takes a bum rap. Sorry I had to say it. It seems as though everytime someone commits a crime, they state it’s because they’re bipolar. The bipolar defense. Bipolar Disorder bipolar disorder

Heroin Addiction Problems

The opium poppy produces the drug morphine. From the drug morphine, a highly addicted drug is obtained. This drug is called heroin. It is a depressant that affects the brain’s pleasure systems andobstructs the brain’s ability to perceive pain. Thus, it is used as pain… Continue reading

$9 million in federal stimulus funds will pay for Rutgers lab (

More info…Despite the continuing, crippling effects of a nationwide recession, a genetics research laboratory on the Busch Campus is experiencing an economic boom. Bipolar Disorder bipolar disorders

Depression and Bipolar Results Worth Striving For – A New Recovery Model For Mental Illness

More info… Bipolar Disorder bipolar mental disorder