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The Continuing Adventures of the Mad Musician and the Bipolar Genius

More info…For those interested in the continued rumors about bipolar geniuses and mad musicians, here’s the latest installment of my campaign against those popular myths. This article appeared in the May/June issue of The National Psychologist , the 19 year-old newspaper for independent psychology practitioners… Continue reading

Bipolar in Loved Ones Now Easier to Help Manage

More info… Bipolar Disorder bipolar mood disorder

New Book By Tom Wootton Challenges Everything We Believe About Mental Conditions

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Possible Link Between Over-Diagnosis Of Bipolar Disorder And Disability Payments

More info…A study from Rhode Island Hospital finds patients who were “over-diagnosed” with bipolar disorder were more likely to have received disability payments and for a longer period of time. The researchers propose a link between these unconfirmed cases of bipolar disorder and the receipt… Continue reading

Teen suicides behind bars

More info…Suicides by troubled teens expose safety breakdowns behind bars Suicides by troubled teens expose safety breakdowns at juvenile centers. Bipolar Disorder bipolar disorder