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The Problem of Drug Dependency

Drug dependency always starts somewhere. In most cases, it starts with a person who knows someone who uses drugs. This drug user would be liable to want to engage his friends to also take up on drugs. There is a high chance that the individual… Continue reading

How Can Alcoholics Anonymous Help You?

People who have alcohol related problems can now find support from organization called AA or Alcoholics Anonymous. The idea of Alcoholics Anonymous is rooted on the disease model of alcoholism. This disease model of alcoholism sees alcohol addiction as a disease that makes an alcohol… Continue reading

Getting Help From Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorders have been popular in our society today. There are many factors why this kind of disorder has been born. One of the most popular reasons is the pressure from the society where the individual resides. Most of the time, the society sets values… Continue reading

The Perils of Chemical Dependency

A person starts tasting some chemical is usually the start of chemical dependency. Most of the time, this chemical has addictive properties which causes an individual to crave for it. This set-up usually places to regular craving forming dependency on the process. The problem starts… Continue reading

Cocaine Drug Addiction

One of the most highly addictive substances known is cocaine. The ventral tegmental area and the nucleus accumbens of the brain switches on when cocaine is being used. These are the areas of the brain that chronicles reward and pleasure. Dopamine gets released connecting to… Continue reading