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Addiction recovery centers

To have an addiction indicates the addict consumes something more often than he or she should. Addictions differ greatly and are not limited to drugs and alcohol. Although most people believe that drug use is the most common issue, addictions to sex, food and several… Continue reading

Prescription Drug Abuse

When you watch TV these days, you will often hear of celebrities and other community figures abusing doctor prescribed medication. While not all celebrities abuse prescription drugs, being high profile surely gets them far more interest. The most serious and serious news of prescription drug… Continue reading

The Benefits of Residential Drug Rehab

The reinforcing effects of substances- the highs that stimulants make, the cheering and “zoning out” effects of the depressants and opioids- may be more catching to people under great psychological stress, particularly those under chronic stress. Thus, there are higher rates of substance abuse and… Continue reading

Holistic Rehab Center Information

All addictive substances affect several biochemicals in the brain. The brain can be directly reinforced by these chemicals. One area of the brain that may be intimately involved in the effects of psychoactive substances is the mesolimbic dopamine system. The mesolimbic dopamine system is a… Continue reading

What is Basic Text?

Basic Text was created to guide people recuperating from drug addiction. It provides awareness and inspiration to the individual who may be trying to seek for support. Designed by Jimmy K, who founded Narcotics Anonymous, the information is incredibly comparable to that discovered at Alcoholics… Continue reading