Monthly Archives: October 2011

Stimulant Drugs

Stimulant drugs are usually not illegal. In fact, many people obtain their stimulant fix on a daily schedule, specifically from flavored coffee and tobacco. Caffeinated drinks and smoking are both stimulant compounds. Although many could possibly have found that the habit forming properties of using… Continue reading

Affordable Alcohol Treatment

If an individual you know and love is an alcoholic or if you are an alcoholic searching for support, you will be happy to find out that you have options when it comes to affordable alcohol treatment. Alcoholism is actually looked at as a disease… Continue reading

How Can Rehab Help You?

People start using drugs because they succumb to peer pressure and media images that say drugs are cool. After the start of drug use, they become physically addicted that they continue their drug use. Right? While societal messages and the addictive properties of drugs no… Continue reading

Teens and Drugs

Contact with drugs among teenagers is a lot more widespread; a few could actually possibly be exposed each and every day. This is not a dilemma that continues only inside the school system or involving their classmates, the introduction begins a lot sooner. While parents… Continue reading

AA and Treatment

Having a drinking problem is an issue that can plague you during the entire rest of your life. Unlike drugs, alcohol is handily obtainable and present just about everywhere you turn. Even if you are hoping to eliminate drinking, temptations present themselves in every single… Continue reading