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Amy Winehouse Rehab

Even though Amy Winehouse made a substantial debut with famous ballads such as “Rehab,” this isn’t the only thing that the British artist has caught the media’s attention with. She, like several people, battled with an addiction to alcohol and narcotics. Living the lifestyle of… Continue reading

Anorexia Nervosa

Eating dysfunctions are illnesses that should be taken very seriously by all damaged parties, as they possibly can be lethal. In the event of Anorexia nervosa, pounds can drop to alarmingly lower levels and people who experience the ailment can look skeletal. The affliction is… Continue reading

Brain Addiction

The human brain has many different activities and is rather prominent. As with every other area in the human body however, the human brain can be subject to all of our everyday options. A prime example of sometimes it is found with dependence on substances.… Continue reading

Driving Under the Influence

Each year, thousands of people are damaged and killed on account of driving under the influence of alcohol. The particular toll it takes on the families of those people destroyed, mortally wounded along with responsible is definitely great.

Betty Ford

Betty Ford has attained a whole lot of status as the founder of The Betty Ford Clinic, a recovery facility centered on offering treatment for all those tormented by alcohol consumption as well as addiction. In addition to the following achievement, she also served as… Continue reading