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Grace Slick

Grace Slick, in many ways, was crowned poster girl for drug abuse in the 1960’s. She wrote the anthem of the decade, “White Rabbit” which happens to be loosely primarily based on the C.S. Lewis story, Alice’s adventures in wonderland, with heavy illegal drug overtones.… Continue reading

Dr Drew and Celeb Rehab

Among several other reality Television shows that conveys the curiosity of viewers is definitely Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. On the television show celebrities of various amount of position arrive for treatment for addiction executed by Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Holistic Rehabs

With there being a variety of personalities which will succomb to substance addiction, also, there are several different kinds of rehabilitation providers available for addressing dependency. Some are really typical and also hospital driven, and others contain a holistic and philosophical method. Holistic treatment facilities… Continue reading

Whitney Houston

Vocalist and star Whitney Houston has been most famous for her hits, “I Will Always Love You” and “Queen of the Night”. She had an incredibly flourishing career inside entertainment, selling out shows throughout the world for several years. She made her big-screen first appearance… Continue reading

Oxy Help

OxyContin can be described as well-known brand name for oxycodone, a authorized opiate utilized for alleviating significant quantities of serious pain. Because it is an opiate, there is also a high threat of addiction, even for those people who are legitimately prescribed the remedy by… Continue reading