Monthly Archives: June 2013

What is Mephedrone?

As there are always medications on the industry that rise and fall in popularity, there are always new questions being questioned by drug consumers who are interested, educators and police force who are trying to avoid drug use, and by every day people who are… Continue reading

Recuperation and aDHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, more commonly called ADHD, is a developmental and mental disorder that an unfortunate number of both kids and adults struggle with in the United States Of America and throughout the world. This is a problem that is normally tackled by teachers… Continue reading

Respecting Another’s Sobriety at Family Gatherings

I do not think it is any solution that when it comes to family gatherings, alcohol is almost always concerned. It doesn’t matter what the culture, most families have their alcoholic beverages they assist at vacation and other family get togethers. As with the Mormons,… Continue reading