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House Detoxification

You will find thousands of people throughout the world with massive addictions to alcohol and drugs. Lots of people destroy their lives because of these addictions. Fortunately, some people eventually realize what addictions are doing to their lives and find change for the better.

Is ecstasy addictive?

Ecstasy, also referred to as MDMA, is a powerful entactogenic medicine. ‘Ecstasy’ refers to the street drug that frequently will come in pill form. It’s a synthetic drug that has amphetamine-like properties. It is also a strong hallucinogenic. To be able to experience feelings of… Continue reading

Relaxation and Addiction restoration

We enter into an occasion in our lives where we’re healing from the results of an obsession with drugs or alcohol, when we enter into recovery. Early recovery is where we learn to recover and learn to establish a new and healthy life style that… Continue reading

12 Step Recovery Programs

12-step recovery programs have shown to be very successful for individuals throughout the world that are experiencing difficult habits. They generally think of programs for alcoholism like Alcoholics Anonymous, when people think of 12 step recovery programs. But, 12 step recovery programs have shown to… Continue reading