Ashley Judd

Highly famous actress Ashley Judd is unveiling several secrets in her book, “All That is Bitter Sweet.” This is actually a memoire of memories that the actual actor has lived with and how it has damaged her lifestyle. She refers to the sexual abuse that she endured at a young age and also speaks candidly of her father’s drug use throughout the pages. The publication is very descriptive and also sheds light about how an innocent young lady is taken advantage of by an older man who bought a pinball machine from her and about the power of household dysfunction.

Most commonly known for her roles in films which include “Double Jeopardy” and “Heat,” her celebrity doesn’t conclude inside the film community. Ashley is the daughter of country music legend Naomi Judd and sister to Wynonna. Her latest movies include “The Tooth Fairy” and she is now focusing on a movie for television.

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