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Single MRI Scan ‘Could Help Diagnose Bipolar Disorder’

More info…A single MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan may soon help hundreds of thousands of people with bipolar disorder to get a faster, more accurate – and possibly life-saving – diagnosis, a leading researcher reported at the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ International Congress. Professor Mary… Continue reading

Carrie Fisher: On living bipolar and using humor to cope

More info…Carrie Fisher has never been one to shy away from expressing herself. Her sense of humor about living withbipolar disorder/manic depressionhas always endeared her to me. She’s honest, frank and a lot of fun to listen to. She is Bipolar Disorder bipolar disorders

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More info…Symptoms of bipolar disorder may vary from person to person. Learn how to spot periods of mania and depression. More Its easy for us to go with the quick and unhealthy option when its time to grab lunch during a busy work day. Get… Continue reading

One Writer’s Notebook

More info…My name is Kelly. I’m 32 years old. I’ve always wanted to be a writer but after suffering from Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder for 15 years, I’ve only just recently been able to begin working toward my dream. I’m starting from scratch, re-building… Continue reading

Mentally ill minors put in juvenile hall –

More info…Designed as secure holding facilities for minors who are going through the court system, juvenile detention centers now double as a default placement option for youth diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or major depression. Bipolar Disorder bipolar mental disorder