Bill W.

William Griffith Wilson, basically generally known as Bill W. to many people, is undoubtedly best famous for his effort in co-founding Alcoholic Anonymous (AA). His personal account is somewhat akin to other people which have fought through an being addicted to alcohol. Because of the trials within his life to taking his very first drink, everything seemed to get lost. Finally it was during World War 1 when Wilson’s life would certainly improve forever due to a drink. It wasn’t long before Bill would develop into a complete addict.

He became fearful as well as didn’t think that he possessed the wherewithall to refrain from drinking by himself, which guided him to get support. The Oxford Group, an evangelical organization would supply him with many of the resources, help and information which he needed to refrain from alcohol while instructing him the importance of serving others in his quest. Soon there after, Bill W. along with the Oxford Group worked to build the 12-step program still made use of by those enduring drinking currently. Though he died in this life in 1971 because of other health problems, he was alcohol free and had been for 37 years.

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