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More info…Symptoms of bipolar disorder may vary from person to person. Learn how to spot periods of mania and depression. More Its easy for us to go with the quick and unhealthy option when its time to grab lunch during a busy work day. Get… Continue reading

One Writer’s Notebook

More info…My name is Kelly. I’m 32 years old. I’ve always wanted to be a writer but after suffering from Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder for 15 years, I’ve only just recently been able to begin working toward my dream. I’m starting from scratch, re-building… Continue reading

Bipolar Symptoms

More info…Read articles about symptoms of bipolar disorder, including bipolar mania and bipolar depression. Bipolar symptoms is alternating occurrences of depression or mania. Bipolar Disorder bipolar disorder symptoms

Antidepressants and Serotonin Syndrome

More info…Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, which plays an important role in the biochemistry of depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders. This neurotransmitter regulates the onset of sleep, sensory perception, mood changes, body temperature, hyperacusis (noise sensitivity) and Photophobia (sensitivity to light). Bipolar Disorder bipolar disorder… Continue reading

Dads with Postpartum Depression, the Bipolar Battle of the W

More info…A new study shows that dads battle from postpartum depression too. It also talks about the bipolar battle of former wife of the Prime Minister, Margaret Trudeau. Finally it describes a cure that can help alleviate symptoms for both dads and bipolar sufferers. Bipolar… Continue reading