Does Miami Have a Cocaine Problem

When the motion picture “Scarface” premiered during the 80s, it showed some sort of gritty Miami being overtaken by the personality Tony Montana together with his cocaine narcotic ring. While glorifying harmful drugs was obviously a significant part of the film, an integral part of its context is actually founded on truth. Miami, like most towns and cities in america, has a problem with cocaine as well as the consumers which purchase it.

After you think of Miami, first thing that pops in your brain could be the sun’s rays, timeless sand as well as the shore. In addition to many of the locations and exquisite people who are living in the city, making the destination among the most gorgeous areas in the world. Having said that, Miami features its own dark underbelly. Drugs including cocaine and strong drugs seem to be rampant and so are the chemical substances associated with preference with folks living the excessive daily life. Whilst it is probably not at first, damaging the top unveils a black and threatening section to the town.

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