Drug Abuse and HIV

There is simply a immediate relationship between drug use and HIV. Borrowing needles in drug use increases, significantly, the risk for being infected with Human immunodeficiency virus. HIV isn’t just caught via unprotected sexual intercourse, it truly is distributed through body fluids for example, the exchange that takes place while needles are shared.

Probably the most common drug related to HIV can be heroin. Users generally employ the substance through intravenous means, meaning they use needles to help get the drug into their system by injected it into their veins. As soon as these needles are shared, a range of things can often be passed, including HIV.

Numerous heroin users inject heroin with others, which in turn contribute to how often of needles becoming shared. This is exactly why a number of community programs present users with brand new needles-to lessen the spread of HIV. The very best community program to make use of, nevertheless, is usually a rehabilitation or treatment plan to get away from heroin and onto rehabilitation from heroin addiction.

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