Eating Disorders and Drug Addiction

Research indicates that there’s a direct relationship amongst eating disorders along with substance abuse. These types of reports also show those patients being affected by significant instances regarding eating disorders could also resort to substance abuse to aid maintain his or her eating disorder. For example, consider an anorexic female that is battling image challenges. Consuming stimulants like cocaine will help to keep the woman’s excess fat off due to the fact among the list of secondary effects connected with cocaine is weight reduction.

Because eating disorders really are a mental disease, people that are afflicted with eating disorders in addition to drug addictions have to be handled for the two conditions together. There isn’t any particular pattern in regards to the actual diseases plus future addictive habits. The dependency may be a reaction to the actual condition or perhaps the other way round. It truly is up to a therapist to select the most effective plan of action for a person with co-occurring conditions. Dealing with both diseases all at once is known as dual diagnosis.

On the other hand, it’s not at all unheard of for psychiatrists to miss the bond between the eating disorders plus substance abuse. If the association is not diagnosed, the client might be treated for 1 ailment but not the additional. Once this predicament happens, it’s very simple for the individual to relapse as soon as therapy intended for just one ailment is done. The good news is, more understanding is now being unveiled in the public for the dangers of eating disorders as well as the addictions which could follow as a result. Nonetheless, given that the media portrays loveliness as being not less than 5’7 and less than a hundred and fifteen pounds, young ladies will continue to suffer from self-image issues.

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