Help For Depression

Every once in a while, events in our lives disappoint us and make us sad. Having lost someone very important could lead one to say “I feel so depressed.” People would utter that depression feels like a black curtain of despair coming down over their lives. In our lifetime, it is quite normal to feel depressed on a certain point but chronic depression appears among people who are not able to recover from the normal cycle of sorrow. These are people who are not able to deal with stress.

Depression is not just a state of mind but it is also associated to physical changes in our brain. It is said that depression could be caused by an imbalance of neurotransmitters that carry signals in the brain and nerves. Excess activity of the stress response system drives emotional centers of the brain into overdrive so that negative events make a disproportionate impact and hijack rational response systems. One literally can’t think straight. It makes one ruminate over and over about the difficulties and disappointments one until that’s all one can focus on. Depression could be both caused by the genes or the environment. To some people, being depressed is inherited. An individual tends to be depressed even when faced with very minimal stress due to inherited causes. On the other hand, there are people who are not able to adjust to certain changes in their lives, like losing a loved one, or even when after getting married, get depressed. These people may not have inherited depression but they are still prone to get depressed when they are not able to pull through from their cheerless moments. Furthermore, a unenthusisastic personality characterized by a low self-esteem, and a negative outlook are at higher risk of becoming depressed. As said earlier, it is normal for people to become depressed but only for a short while. A prolonged depression could always lead to other psychological disorders.

When one is depressed, one may feel hopeless and sad. You always find displeasure in the things that you do. Others either lose or gain weight because of changes in appetite. Some may not be able to sleep well at night while some would experience excessive sleep

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