Oprah and Food Addiction

Oprah Winfrey has become an American Star and is on the pages of several publications, as well as her personal “O” magazine. Her own tremendously prestigious television show, “Oprah,” has actually been on air for over two decades now. Well known for several of her interviews of people in politics, famous people along with other individuals in the public eye and her contributions to charitable organizations, she has attained many supporters and supporters over the years. Even with such successes, Oprah still is prone to a powerful addiction, food.

Over the years Oprah has asked her tv audiences to join in a number of wholesome initiatives together with her. People watched her make over her shape on more than one time. Nevertheless, the star still battles with food. Just after her most recent weight loss, she gained the body weight back and more to a said weight of over 200 pounds. This just goes to show that dependency regardless of the sort can impact any person, regardless of their walk in life.

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