Rihanna Rehab

Although pop sensation Rihanna is well known for a number of her ballads, the song “Rehab” made a splash for all the wrong reasons. The timing of the launch prompted a media craze and everybody was looking to understand the meaning behind the lyrics. The artist has recognized that the words are not related to drug use or even sex for that matter, but this has left a lot of fans to visualize that the song was written about the star’s also well known ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.

As you may well already understand, Rihanna used to date the RNB performer a couple of years earlier. They had a fine marriage, taking into consideration Hollywood expectations, until an episode left Rihanna with a bloody face. Apparently, Brown had pummeled her inside of a automobile in the course of an argument. They had broken up right after that, of course. The track made followers wonder if it is dedicated to Chris Brown, especially how close the lyrics were to detailing their relationship.

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